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Infographic: How social media carelessness can help criminals

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. Use this infographic from Credit Sesame to help drive home a message about online security-awareness to the employees in your organization.

The Infographic below, which you can click on to see full-size, is an interesting look at the role social media can play in criminal activity. This might be a good way to continue to promote security-awareness to the employees in your organization. Regular reminders of the importance of online safety -- and the potential consequences of not following best practices, including at home  -- is crucial to creating a security-minded workplace.

Social Media Safety Infographic

Social Media Safety Infographic provided by an online credit and debt management company.


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None of this requires a triple-digit IQ to understand. It should be obvious, but many of the socially connected generation are too intent on letting their connections know every step they take. Problem is, the bad guys are watching. Don't invite them in. At least you can keep them guessing. They'll move on to an easier target.

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