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Infographic: Spam Olympiad

Spammers and "slammers" took advantage of world-wide attention on the London 2012 Olympics to flood us with junk and fill the social media streams with abuse. Here's a snapshot of their activity.

This infographic, courtesy of Impermium, shows a snapshot of the avalanche of spam and social media abuse that rode the wave of interest in the London 2012 Olympics. It's kind of interesting to see the numbers just in the increase of spam, and to see what athletes, brands, and countries were most victimized by both spam floods and social media insults.

Click to get a larger view.


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BetsyJoKellum 1 Like

I'm surprised that BP (British Petroleum) wasn't mentioned for being a proud sponsor of the US Olympics. I know that my friends and family all found it... amusing!


Selena, Thanks for posting our infographic. For added trivia fun, we also compiled a list of the top 20 countries in the spam you go: 1. USA 2. Mexico 3. Brazil 4. Spain 5. India 6. Argentina 7. Canada 8. Dominican Republic 9. China 10. Bangladesh 11. Vietnam 12. Italy 13. Great Britain 14. Philippines 15. Australia 16. Russia 17. Uganda 18. Venezuela 19. Chile 20. Yemen Candace @Impermium

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I had a hard time convincing my clients to be careful what kind of apps they downloaded to their smart phones and tablets, that fed focused event data and alerts to their devices. So many of those have malicious code, that it is just pitiful!