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iPod vending machine from Zoom Systems

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, NV, I was captivated by a Zoom Shop vending machine selling Apple iPods. Located in the Las Vegas Hilton, home to the Star Trek Experience and Barry Manilow, this robotic retail system dispenses a variety of iPods and iPod accessories. Developed and operated by California-based Zoom Systems, you'll find similar units in the San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Argent Hotel, and the Hartsfield Atlanta Airport.

I'm not sure if I'd buy a $300 piece of technology from an unattended vending machine, but I'm intrigued by the concept.

iPod vending machine from Zoom Systems

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I used the Zoom machine last year around christmas time. The line at the Apple store was ridiculous. I walked up to the machine, chose my 30 gig video Ipod and was on my way in a matter of 60 seconds. Smooth transaction like buying haze on 177th st and Broadway. - Soamdagod

I got an iPod case from one of their machines. Opened it up and discovered that the case was too thick to fully insert my headphone jack. Of course, not being able to return it on the spot, I called customers service when I got home. Lots of questions to answer.. then again on paper.. then again over the phone.. I took over a month get it in the mail and because of this, they're keeping my money. BOOO Systems..

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