Quiz: Cisco tests your cybersecurity knowledge

Cisco developed a quiz for National Cyber Security Awareness Month to test your basic knowledge of security risks. Share it with your organization's employees.

It's National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and Cisco is promoting awareness through an interactive quiz it developed to test your knowledge. As stated on Cisco's Technology News Site, The Network, "according to the Cisco Q2 2011 Global Security Threat Report, the rate of unique instances of malware more than doubled from March to June 2011."

This probably won't stump any IT pros, but it might be a good thing to share with employees in your organization to help promote security awareness this month.


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Great to see companies like Cisco supporting cyber awareness and also offering tools for consumers to educate themselves. Here's another quiz about cyber security / phishing that we did with the same objective: It's a bit less theoretical and focuses more on actual examples. You can never know too much about how hackers are trying to lure you into their elaborate schemes.


news-section is to small, the quiz app is bigger (gets overlapped by the sidebar) seems like a good thing to send to your lower-tech employees/friends

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