Security TV: "Tiger Teams" showing this Christmas

At 11 and 11:30 PM this Christmas, a new show called Tiger Team will air on Court TV. It follows the activities of a penetration testing IT security consulting team as they test security policies on client networks. There's already a Wikipedia article for the show. The blurb on says:

This vérité action series follows Tiger Team – a group of elite professionals hired to infiltrate major business and corporate interests with the objective of exposing weaknesses in the world’s most sophisticated security systems, defeating criminals at their own game. Tiger Team is comprised of Security Audit Specialists Chris Nickerson, Luke McOmie and Ryan Jones who employ a variety of covert techniques – electronic, psychological and tactical - as they take on a new assignment in each episode.

Court TV seems like kind of an odd place for a series following the work of a penetration testing team, but I'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth. Of course, Court TV is going to be TruTV after the first day of 2008, and this seems like it might be a step in that direction.

As a series concept, this shows a lot of promise. I hope it's executed well -- I'll be setting the DVR to record the first two episodes of Tiger Team while I'm out of town for the holidays.


Chad Perrin is an IT consultant, developer, and freelance professional writer. He holds both Microsoft and CompTIA certifications and is a graduate of two IT industry trade schools.

Sterling chip Camden
Sterling chip Camden

But this won't be limited to computer security, will it? I think they'll try to crack all kinds of security systems. Not that it won't still provide you with some great ideas, I'm sure.


"[i]But this won't be limited to computer security, will it?[/i]" It's not entirely clear exactly what they'll cover. I've read that the team will employ physical breaking-and-entering and social engineering tactics, but depending on the ultimate targets of these penetration attempts the focus of the series could still ultimately be on the security of information technology resources.

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