Spammers leveraging YouTube e-mail address

Spammers are abusing the "Invite Your Friends" system to send out "massive quantities of spam", according to content security outfit Marshall.

Spammers are abusing the "Invite Your Friends" system to send out "massive quantities of spam," according to content security outfit Marshall. The facility was intended to allow users to invite their friends to view videos that they they find interesting or have posted.

It looks like spammers are taking advantage of YouTube's own Help Centre recommendation to system administrators that the e-mail address be excluded from spam filtering.

According to The Register:

The messages, which all come from, have the same appearance as a legitimate YouTube invite, except they contain pitches for tat such as penis pills and get quick schemes instead of links to online video tat. Both could be considered forms of junk anyway, which partly explains why cybercriminals have adopted the tactic.

Bradley Anstis, Marshal's director of product management, notes, "Spammers are doing this to defeat spam filters and to lower the recipient's guard by making it look as though the messages are coming from a perfectly innocuous e-mail address."


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Are they selling fake Usain Bolt fluids? :p


It all started with the immature "this is gay" comment, and now we have this spam. Honestly, I don't think that YouTube is doing a good job in blocking this spam; the users that are doing this, whether it be willingly or done by a script, should have their accounts banned or monitored. Perhaps their new pals, Google, can help them out with the spam issue; GMail is incredible in blocking spam.