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Super Talent to bundle free Ubuntu OS and OpenOffice with every MasterDrive SSD

Flash storage maker Super Talent will bundle Ubuntu Desktop Editon and OpenOffice with each MasterDrive solid state drive it sells July 1 through September 30, 2008.

On the cool news front, I came across this press release from flash storage maker Super Talent, announcing that they are going to bundle Ubuntu Desktop Editon plus OpenOffice with their MasterDrive solid state drives:

"Bundling an excellent OS plus applications package like Ubuntu helps MasterDrive MX customers get up and running that much faster and easier. This is a great value add that doesn't increase the cost," explained Super Talent Marketing Director, Joe James. The Ubuntu CD with will be included with every MasterDrive MX shipped from July 1 through September 30, 2008.

This seems like a good trend and could introduce some people to Linux who are willing to try out something free with their purchase.

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When you can "oh, by the way, here's a complete OS included" and/or "oh btw, if you want to surf, it take 5 seconds select this option on boot" and/or "oh, btw, here's a complete application for use on any computer using a flash drive" and/or ... Well, you get the point. It seems that companies are finally getting creative in their use of Open Source software as a marketing advantage, which is a great trend. Instead of all money funneled into one companies shareholders hands, more and more of the same revenue will be spread across hundreds/thousands of other companies, meaning a better more vibrant economy. TripleII

Neon Samurai
Neon Samurai

If it generates more interest in SSD or alternative OS then fantastic. I'd love to see size and dependability increase and cost decrease to the point where I can stop using platter drives in my machines.


I manage 10 CPUs, hopefully 12 more by the end of summer. I'm a volunteer at a small has no money non profit. When I started in January, 1/2 of the machines were down and the other half were crawling. They were all XP. I began the gentle push for Ubuntu. First with a 7.10 dual boot and then with a 8.04 solo os. I just SAMBA'd the 8.04. There are also 3 MACs in the room. There was a ton of skepticism at the beginning. That's getting better. The new 12 donated CPUs will be Ubuntu. The patrons aren't rocket scientists. I had a note for them to download programs to the Ubuntu desktop and I would install them. Wednesday there was flinging poop at squirrels. What is good is that patrons are trying out the Linux machine.

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