Add your own Quick Parts to the Word 2007 Building Block Organizer

Word 2007's Quick Parts can save you time -- but if the available formats do not match your document needs, you'll spend more time than you would like customizing them. Mary Ann Richardson shows how you can add your own custom building blocks to the gallery so you only have to reformat them once.

Word 2007's Quick Parts promise to save you time with one-click formatting. However, if the available building blocks do not match your document needs, you'll spend more time than you would like reformatting them. Fortunately, Word lets you add your own custom building blocks so you only have to reformat them once.

For example, suppose you frequently use one of Word 2007's built-in cover sheets --but you need to add your company information each time you do. To add the reformatted cover sheet with your company name to the Building Block gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Select the reformatted cover sheet with your company name.
  2. Press [Alt][F3].
  3. Click in the Name box and enter ABC Report Cover Sheet.
  4. Select Cover Pages in the Gallery box.
  5. Enter (ABC Company) in the Category box. By placing the category name in parentheses, your company's custom building blocks will appear at the top of the Building Block gallery. Then, click OK.

If Word prompts you to save the changes to the normal template before exiting, click Yes. To add the cover sheet Quick Part to the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click the block in the Building Block gallery and select Add Gallery to Quick Access Toolbar.

Now, you can quickly insert the cover page in another document by typing its name ABC Report Cover Sheet and pressing [F3] or by clicking its icon in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Note that Word 2007 has replaced the AutoText feature of previous releases with Quick Parts. Thus, instead of creating AutoText entries, you would create Quick Parts for any frequently used document content such as a paragraph, logos, graphics, specifically formatted headers or footers, or standard tables.

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Can anyone tell me how to add more than one Date Picker field where they all update once one of them is updated? Basically, the Publish Date Quick Part but without the phrase Publish Date (because I need it to say Start Date!).


Can anyone explain why the Building Blocks Organizer PREVIEW SCREEN cannot be enlarged so I can actually read what's in it? I use building blocks for blocks of text, addresses, medical terminology, etc. When looking at the preview screen, the font is so tiny, I have to use a magnifying glass to read it. Any help appreciated.

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