Eliminate blank pages in your Access report

Margins can lead to extra blank pages in your Access report, potentially leading to waste and headaches. Here's how to change the Page Setup to streamline your report into just the length you desire.

When every other page of your 10-page Access report prints out blank, your first thought may be to change the report orientation from Portrait to Landscape. Rather than spend time redesigning your report layout, open the report in Design view and check the position of the report controls next to the right page margin. If any of the controls touch the right-margin border or even override it, Access automatically increases the right page margin to accommodate the controls. If this increases the margin past the eight-inch mark, Access cannot print the entire page on one piece of paper. (The blank page is actually a printout of the rest of the preceding page.) To eliminate the blank pages, follow these steps:

  1. Open the report in Design view.
  2. Click on the right border of any control that extends beyond the eight-inch right margin mark and drag it to the left so the control is within the margin.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each control extending beyond the margin.
  4. Go to File | Page Setup. (In Access 2007, click the Page Setup button in the Print Preview ribbon.)
  5. Click on the Column tab.
  6. Under Column size, click in Width text box and enter 8, then click OK.

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i am create report in 3 coloums 12" hight and 8" wirdth but our data completed in only 3 pages and preview in total 4 pages last one page is blank page so, how to do remove eliminate blank page .


When trying to select multiple controls at a place on the page (say 8") it is better to select them by going (in design view) by placing the cursor in the ruler. When the dotted line appears you can click to select all the controls at that spot or even drag further right to get any strays at other positions (9, 10 " etc.) This is downright necessary for those that are so small that you can't see them or might otherwise be missed like lines that have been placed in group headers or footers that are not readily visible. Also, if the only controls so selected are lines and you want to go from 8" to 7.5 " you can simply size them all at once that way as well. tol

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