How to add your favorite folders to My Places in Office 2010

Adding a frequently used file or folder to My Places in Office 2010 is easy, if you know where to look for the option.

I'm in and out of the same folders a lot and some of them are a few layers deep. Working through that hierarchy is monotonous and inefficient. Using Office 2003's, I added these frequently used folders to My Places (the bar to the left in many dialog boxes)—it's a great shortcut. Simply choose Add To My Places from the Tools menu.

When I switched to 2010, I couldn't find this option! (They moved the Tools menu to the bottom of the dialog box in 2007, but the option was still available.) I was more than a little worried--had they removed it? It took me a few minutes to find it!

Even though that option is missing in 2010, adding a folder to My Places takes even less effort than before. First, locate the folder you want to add to My Places. Then, right-click My Places and choose Add nameoffolder/file.

You can add a file or folder to My Places. Once the position is in My Places, right-click it and choose Move Up to position the new shortcut higher in the list. When you no longer need the shortcut, right-click and choose Remove.

My Places is great for adding temporary and permanent shotcuts because they're easy to add and remove.


Susan Sales Harkins is an IT consultant, specializing in desktop solutions. Previously, she was editor in chief for The Cobb Group, the world's largest publisher of technical journals.

samanta awsen
samanta awsen

This is the most informed writing I???ve ever seen on this subject.It???s clear that the author knows this topic from an insider???s point of view which has fortunately been shared with the public at large


I learn this trick from your previous article and found it very,very handy indeed. However, when I work on a file, save it, and then, say, attach it from outlook express, I invariably find that the 'my place'folder always opens with folder-sorting setting. I want it to open with ?date modified? priority setting, that is, with the file I just worked with displayed on the first row.

Gis Bun
Gis Bun

Does that happen elsewhere. Because you are [i'll assume here from Outlook Express] are using Windows XP and some features aren't backported, Outlook Express may not be able to use some features that are available in Office 2010. As an example, I still use [would you believe] PageMaker in windows 7 64-bit but it can't handle libraries. So I have to manually open/save if using a non-standard [by PageMaker] location.

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