Microsoft Office add-ins that will simplify your work

The right add-in can provide helpful features and make existing Office capabilities easier to use. Susan Harkins has rounded up a selection of handy add-ins for various Office applications.

Add-ins are special COM files that extend the functionality of a program. In other words, they make your work simpler. Office's popularity -- and occasionally, its limitations -- makes it a perfect candidate for add-ins. Microsoft provides a number of them, but most add-ins are third-party products, and many are free. Here's a list of some of the most popular add-ins for Microsoft Office.

Note: This article is also available as a PDF download. It was originally published as a 10 Things Blog post on March 16, 2009.

1: Save as or print to PDF or XPS

Without a doubt, one of the questions I receive most often is how to save an Access report as a PDF file. Adobe Systems created the PDF format more than a decade ago. Because of its flexibility and universal appeal, it's now an open standard.

XML Paper Specification (XPS) is an XML-based specification that supports device and resolution independence, developed by Microsoft. In other words, content isn't at the mercy of the client's browser and local settings.

Microsoft offers a free add-in for Office 2007, Microsoft 2007 Save as PDF or XPS. You might also try, PDF995, CutePDFWriter, and PrimoPDF.

2: MathType with Word

MathType is an interactive equation editor that creates mathematical notations in Word. It's flexible enough to handle Web pages, desktop publishing tools, PowerPoint presentations, and more. It's a must for anyone writing scientific, engineering, and mathematical papers.

Microsoft also offers Microsoft Math, an add-in that eases the task of creating graphs, performs calculations, and solves for variables in Word 2007.

3: Lookeen for Outlook 2003 and 2007

This search tool integrates into your local system to search all Outlook folders, including archived folders, and it's quick! You can search mail, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, and contacts, all at the same time.

4: Search Commands

Do you support frustrated users who can't find commands and features in Office 2007? Install Search Commands on their local systems. This innovative add-in drops in a new tab that allows users to enter their own words to find commands. It's easy to implement and it works great.

5: MZ-Tools

If you write your own VBA solutions, you need MZ-Tools. This customizable add-in has a number of features that will make the time you spend coding more productive and efficient:

  • Write better code and find existing code faster.
  • Apply default properties with a single click.
  • Quickly document code by inserting custom headers into modules.
  • Automatically add line numbers and error handlers to procedures.

6: Total Access Analyzer

Total Access Analyzer analyzes your Access database objects to expose hidden problems, forgotten objects, and more. It cross-references objects and creates data flow diagrams. Use this add-in to document your code, find missing objects and variables, and uncover scoping issues. Total Access Analyzer finds errors, suggests changes, and offers tips for improving performance. It's a bit pricey, but developers who use it say it's worth it.

7: SimplyVBA Global Error Handler

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler displays effective information about each error:

  • The procedure and module where the error occurred
  • A traceable iteration through the call stack to the error

VBA developers will appreciate this add-in's robust error handling.

8: Office Live

Office Live lets you open (and save) documents in Office Live Workspace directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Mozilla Firefox users will need an additional plug-in. Be careful, though, as this is more than a simple add-in. It requires specific updates and will download and install them, if you haven't already.

9: Personal Folders Backup

Outlook stores all your mail, calendar items, contacts, and so on in a PST file. If something happens to it, you could lose all of your correspondence, tasks, appointments, and contact information. Backing up this file is a vital part of any maintenance routine. Personal Folders Backup is an add-in that backs up PST files at regular intervals. (If you're on Microsoft Exchange Server, this add-in probably isn't necessary, as your administrator is backing up PST files.)

10: Mail Merge Toolkit

Merging documents is a huge feature with a few limitations. Mail Merge Toolkit extends the existing merge capabilities in Outlook, Word, and Publisher so you can:

  • Personalize the subject.
  • Attach files to messages.
  • Send HTML or RTF messages, regardless of security settings.
  • Send messages from Publisher in GIF format.

11: Mail Merge for PowerPoint

It's hard to think of merging a PowerPoint presentation, but if you need that capability, you'll appreciate PPTools Merge. This add-in merges data from Excel tab- or comma-delimited files into PowerPoint text boxes, pictures, notes, and hyperlinks. You can merge data, pictures, movies, sounds, and external text files. For instance, you could use this add-in to print award certificates for members of your audience at the end of your program instead of printing them later and mailing them.

12: Narration Timing Tweaker

PowerPoint lets you record an audio narration to enhance (or guide) a slide show. However, it's a winner-take-all type of feature. If an event needs tweaking, you have to start from scratch and it's difficult to get it right the first or even the second time. Narration Timing Tweaker allows you to fine-tune the narration portion of a slide show.

13: OLAP PivotTable Extensions for Excel 2007

There's more to Excel 2007's PivotTables feature than Excel lets on. This add-in extends the OLAP PivotTable Extensions to include Analysis Services cubes. It doesn't actually offer more functionality, it just provides an interface to use what's already there.

14: Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime

The Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime add-in helps developers get a solution to market. This add-in supplies tools for packaging, deployment, licensing, and distribution agreements.

15: Blueprint for Outlook

Printing is a bit limited in Outlook, even Outlook 2007. Blueprint for Outlook adds a few printing features that Outlook ought to offer but doesn't. You can print a single page or selected text, quickly automate a custom print task, or print an attachment.

16: CrossEyes for Word

If you work with long documents, you know that formatting can take on a life of its own. CrossEyes demystifies Word's formatting codes so you can identify problems and resolve them.

17: Microsoft Outlook SMS

With the help of Microsoft Outlook SMS, you can send SMS text messages through most Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) mobile phones, connected to a PC using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. You enter the message in an Outlook-type message form and then send that message to a mobile phone without third-party software or a subscription to a mobile network service if you connect the phone to a PC.

18: AddInSpy

Use AddInSpy to develop new add-ins for Office and to troubleshoot existing Office add-ins. Although Microsoft offers this free download through Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN), it doesn't support it. Despite that, it's one of my favorites.

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Susan Sales Harkins is an IT consultant, specializing in desktop solutions. Previously, she was editor in chief for The Cobb Group, the world's largest publisher of technical journals.


Picture Manager for Excel is intuitive and user-friendly add-in for Microsoft Excel, designed primarily for business users to assist the ability to export and/or import (automatically sized to fit cells) multiple images from or into single and multiple Excel spreadsheets at once.  See video demo and download at


Please update this for Office 2010. Most, if not all, of your listings concern earlier versions.

Who Am I Really
Who Am I Really

analysis pack I've used it since Excel-IV (yup, that's 16-bit Excel 4 for Win3.1x)


UBitMenu is by bar my favorite addin at the moment. Trying to learn my way around the Ribbon looking for what should obviously be somewhere, but isn't, is now simplified with this tool. This will create a tab on the Ribbon called Menu which will give you Office 2003 menu type options. (does not provide a menu in Outlook 2010) 5 second install and live gets a whole lot better. Tom


Once you have it, you cant live without it.


Really looking for an add-in that goes with Outlook, and allows me to SEND and add to TASKS in one click. If I want to follow-up an email set a reminder, but only set it for me and not everyone who I sent the email to, I have to SEND the item, then go and drop and drop from sent items to TASKS, and set the due date. If this could all be done with one click - my life in Outlook would be som much more pleasant.


Simple but very handy - put anything in Word behind a "More..." toggle button. Also adds a degree of outlining functionality within a document (not a separate view).


Nice Collection: I've been using #4, Search Commands for a long time now. IT IS GRRRREAT! I wish MS would get off the pot, turn it into an officially supported app/addon and CREATE a 2010 version too! - MS list of MS addins (includes some templates) check some of the other categories at the same level on the page, there are more addins in them. - this page has links to online and download versions of the flash apps that show mapping of Office 2003 menus to 2007 ribbon. It also has links to the spreadsheets that have the 2003 to 2007 menu mapping. Personally I prefer to download the 2003 to 2007 command mapping flash applet rather than run it from the ?Get Started? tab and the internet. If I remember correctly there are command buttons to some of these tools in a "Learning Office 2007" addon. But I prefer the downloaded stand alone flash applets. Although they are not addins, I find the Mapping 2003 menu to 2010 ribbon silverlight applets VERY Handy. The Spreadsheets mapping 2003 to 2010 are also very helpful. - Creative Commons License addon (tab) - Download Help to get started with Office 2007 (includes addon tab)

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

Do you have a favorite Office add-in that we have not mentioned yet.


the rules one can create for Outlook with Pergenex Automate is extensive...take a look


As with drivers, when you buy the next version, you will have to wait for the developers to create updates to their add-ins.


'Cause this is too useful to get lost before the 'work week' crowd gets to see it.


Those do look rather useful.

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