Office solution: This is how to disable that graph paper effect in Word

Learn the answer to last week's Office challenge: Why is Word displaying graph paper?

Last week, we asked you to help a user who was seeing graph lines in all her Word documents. Eljensen was the first to respond with the most probable cause: the Gridlines option is checked. You can find this option on the View tab in the Shop group. Uncheck the option and the graph lines disappear. Gridelines is an application setting. Once you enable it, graph lines will appear on every document, including new ones, until you turn it off.

Pjunkel-pcmind offered a great reminder to check the default template. If gridlines aren't turned on or if turning gridlines off doesn't work, check the template file!


Susan Sales Harkins is an IT consultant, specializing in desktop solutions. Previously, she was editor in chief for The Cobb Group, the world's largest publisher of technical journals.


...on the View tab in the 'Shop' group. ?? How about Show group. This is a common problem. How can we proof these errors out??


Turning off the gridlines is a great help in presenting Excel how-to documents in word. Text and graphic boxes are easier to manipulate in Excel than in Word. At the same time if a lot of text is needed, I find it easier to capture the example with all the lines and embedded text in a Snag-It box, trim to desired picture and then insert it into word to allow me to put in additional talking points.

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