Office solution: When a looping introduction refuses to stop

This week, learn the possible solutions to last week's challenge: When you can't get a looping introduction to stop.

Last week, I asked you to troubleshoot a looping introduction that fails to stop when expected. Specifically, I referred you to Add a looping introduction to a PowerPoint presentation. In a nutshell, this technique cycles through a subset of slides before the presentation actually begins. A quick click on a hidden action button is the gateway into the actual presentation. But, after applying this technique, one of your users complains that the introductory slides continue to loop-it just isn't working as expected.

I came up with three possible looping pitfalls:

  • When linking the action button to the first slide in the presentation, the user chose the first slide in the introduction by mistake.
  • The user forgot where the hidden action button is and is clicking the wrong spot.
  • The user doesn't understand how to use the hidden action button and doesn't realize she must actually click on the hidden button-she thinks a simple click anywhere will get the job done.

Jkalhorn suggested selecting the first slide in the presentation and pressing [F5]. First, you'd have to press [Esc] to break the loop and proceed, but it doesn't fix the problem. Dcsloan128 suggested that the user set the action button to choose the next slide. In this case, PowerPoint would proceed to the next slide in the looping introduction. It's an honest mistake and a valid troubleshooting response. (I wish I'd thought of it!)

Thanks Jkalhorn and Dcsloan128 for playing along!


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I totally appreciate with the advices that has been given in this post. Thanks for sharing it. I am sure it will help lot of peoples Virtual Offices


Sorry for not responding to the original challenge but in my opinion the most l;ikely problem is that the user performed the following steps: 1) Set up the introduction 2) Deleted the first slide in the actual presentation (the destination from the loop) 3) Added another slide in the introductory loop. After step 2 it will still work correctly, clicking on the action button goes to the new start of the actual presentation but at least in PP2007 it seems to change to a reference to the nth slide rather than the actual. In my test I set up a presentation with a 3 slide introduction and 3 slides in the presentation. The action button jumped to the 4th slide. When I deleted slide 4 the action button still jumped to the 4th slide. However when I now added a slide in the introduction the action button still jumped to the 4th slide which was now part of the introduction.


Make the button the margin-to-margin size of the slides and put it in the background of each of the intro slides. Wiggle the mouse an click it on any intro slide and the presentation starts.

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