Review: Boxer Text Editor

Boxer Text Editor is a serious tool for serious users. If you are a coder looking for a text editor that will make your coding life much easier, Boxer may be the tool for you.

A text editor is a text editor is a text editor right? It really depends on who you ask. There are plenty of possible text editors for the Windows operating system, including Notepad which comes with the operating system. But what if you want more than the basic text editor?

The Boxer Text Editor is one possible solution, but is it worth the $59.99 price when there are so many alternatives that are either free or far cheaper. Let's take a look at this entry in the text editor world and see if it's worth the price of entry.


  • Company: Boxer Software
  • Product: Boxer Text Editor
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit)
  • Cost: $59.95
  • Download: 30-day trial available

Who's it for?

First and foremost, do not think that this text editor is a replacement for your average user who uses Text Pad for writing notes. Boxer is a serious tool for serious users. If you are a coder (of any number of languages), and you are looking for a text editor that will make your coding life much easier, Boxer is the tool for you.

Boxer is so feature-rich that even the most seasoned of programmers may find themselves not using all of the features. Any coder will find themselves working smarter, more efficient, and producing better code with this handy editor.

What problem does it solve?

Even if Boxer Text Editor only solved one problem - the problem of poorly formatted code - it would be worth the price of entry. And Boxer does this well. But Boxer does many things well, making it an outstanding tool for those that prefer to create their code in a stand-alone editor.

Outstanding features

  • Macro language
  • Color syntax highlighting
  • Case conversion
  • Color syntax printing
  • Hex/binary editing
  • Edit files up to 2GB
  • Multi-level undo
  • Auto-complete typing
  • Spell checking
  • Keyboard reconfigure
  • User-configurable toolbar
  • Power Columns editing feature
  • Ctags Function indexing support
  • Project support
  • Calculator, calendar, error, and ANSI charts
  • Command multiplier
  • Line drawing
  • Text highlighting
  • Comments
  • Word count

What's wrong

The only problem with Boxer is the price. Considering the amount of similar tools, at a much cheaper price, this tool would have to be stellar to warrant the cost. Fortunately Boxer Text Editor is stellar, so this "problem" goes away fairly quickly once the user has started taking advantage of its multitude of features.


Bottom line

So is Boxer Text Editor worth the price? My personal take says, without hesitation.

User rating

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I am a registered user of the latest version of Boxer and still use it from time to time. Mostly though, it has been left far behind by Emeditor and HippoEdit. Both have a better interface, are lighter on resources, and cope better with very large files. They are also cheaper and more regularly updated. Boxer is rarely updated and updates are generally paid upgrades. Nostalgia aside, I would rate also rate Boxer behind EditPad Pro and Notetab Pro. For those who don't want to pay for a text editor, PSPad and Notepad++ compare well with Boxer.


that Boxer was still around. I haven't used it since the MS-DOS days, and it was the best editor available for DOS. As a casual hobbyist programmer (not a developer), I've done some some C coding with Boxer and the Power C compiler back in the day; a great combination from my limited experience.


We here primarily use primal script for our scripting work.


Been using it since '91. Used it to write 1000's of lines of Clipper code, then C, JavaScript. LotusScript and finally Java. Time saver and a butt saver to boot!


Back then I was a BRIEF user but moved to Boxer because syntax highlight appealed to me. Since then I can't think of going through a single work day without its help. Its Power Columns alone is worth its price, not to mention the many times it saved my life when dealing with insanely huge SQL scripts. Also, macro language is far easier and simpler to code (code templates even easier to write) than in my programming language's IDE. And I could go on and on... :-)


I find Boxer to be a really great editor. I've tried a lot of editors over the years, but I keep coming back to Boxer. I often load very large data files and Boxer never hiccups I like its "Diff" feature too a lot.

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

What's your favorite text editor? Why do you recommend it?

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