Apps of the month (December 2011): CamCard, Splashtop Remote Desktop, and more

In Scott Lowe's latest app roundup, he features four useful mobile applications: CamCard, Splashtop Remote Desktop, Tie & Mirror, and Norton Snap QR Code Reader.

Norton Snap QR Code Reader

Vendor: Symantec Cost: Free in the Apple App Store, free in the Android Market

QR codes are everywhere these days. They're used in all kinds of advertising so that consumers can point, shoot, and browse the advertiser's web site. However, that's a key thing to keep in mind: QR codes are nothing but links to web sites in disguise. You're sort of making a leap of faith when you snap a QR code that you'll go where you think you're going. Because of this ambiguity, QR codes are ripe for abuse.

Symantec has an answer. The Norton Snap QR Code Reader aims to make it a bit safer to use QR codes by intercepting the code and checking whether or not the destination is a safe one. Nefarious sites are blocked, thus protecting the user from potential unintended consequences.

In the figures below, see the Android and iOS versions of the Norton Snap QR Code Reader app respectively.

Figure H

Norton Snap QR Code Reader for Android
Figure I

Norton Snap QR Code Reader for iOS


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Among these four useful mobile application, QR Code Reader is my favorite one. not only because it's fashionable, because it's convenient, it makes my life much easier. i download it from for my iPhone. i can do many thins with it.such as buy some discount dress online.


Almost all articles are based on Apple and Android. Some of us use Symbian. Any reviews?

IT Support23
IT Support23

Very cool apps! At least we don't have to carry and put business cards inside our wallets or bags, the Camcard apps will take care of it. Thanks for sharing Scott! :)


I normally don't care for the slideshow-style articles, but there is enough content in each of these, as well as being a short enough list, that I didn't mind the format of this article. With that out of the way, thanks for a good variety of useful apps. I am a little surprised that I haven't noticed this series before. I look forward to more.

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