Three apps for the traveling consultant

Scott Lowe highlights three apps that help IT consultants on the go.

When you're on the go, time is tight.  Here are three apps for the traveling consultant that might make life just a little bit easier for you.

Time Tracker Pro

Vendor: Nonlinear Ideas Inc. Cost: iOS - Free

At first, you might look at a time tracker app and dismiss it as something that's only needed for billing clients. But even if you're not working on a billable hours basis, time tracking might be a necessary part of your day. For example, many IT departments need to get a handle on how much time is spent working on projects vs. handling operational duties. A simple and easy-to-use time tracker can take away some of the sting.

What does Time Tracker Pro do? First, it tracks the time spent on a task down to the second, and you can quickly restart a task, which makes it easy to jump around between tasks. You can also review your work, split your time among multiple projects, and create reports and graphs.

In Figure A, you can see that it's easy to start and stop time. Figure A

Start and stop time with ease.
In Figure B, you can see that a number of project have been worked on, including TPS reports. Figure B

Take a look at how long you spend on each task.
Read about Invoice2Go.


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I like Clarizen because I can reach their project management software from my laptop, work, home and iphone - great if you are traveling or have a need to be flexible about your workplace.


I use Time Master +Billing for tracking my clients and it allows me to sync from my iPhone to my iPad. When I invoice my clients, it has an invoicing module (which can be modified with your own logo) to create pdf's and it also exports to Quickbooks format if needed. I can creat jobs as time entries or as expense entries. I can over ride the cost per client as I charge different rates depending on who my client is. As for ios vs android, you use the tools that work for the platform you use. I have both large enterprise clients and small mom and pop organizations. Hth.


Who wastes there money on a iphone these day's they are to limited in the enterprise.

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