Developer news: PHP 5.4 RC4, LightSwitch, geolocation in Web apps

Justin James highlights F# 3.0 and Visual Studio 11 enhancements, updates to Rails support, a Dutch PHP event, and more.

Language/library updates

PHP 5.4 RC4

The PHP team released the fourth release candidate of PHP 5.4, with a number of bug fixes. The feature list is locked down at this point.

F# 3.0, Visual Studio 11 enhancements

For the functional programming folks out there, here is a list of upgrades to F# in F# 3.0 and Visual Studio 11, both in Developer Preview.

Tools and products

Appcelerator Titanium Studio 1.0.7, Titanium Mobile 1.8

Appcelerator upgraded Titanium Studio and Titanium Mobile, its products for cross-platform development for mobile platforms.

Engine Yard updates Rails support

Engine Yard now supports Rails 3.2 RC1, Rails 4.0.0.beta, and Ruby 1.9.3 beta.

Editorial and commentary

"Dew You See the Future?"

A friend of mine started a Web comic focused on the woes of IT professionals. One of my favorite strips so far is about the delirium induced by too little sleep and too much Mountain Dew. Been there, done that!

Tips and tricks


Beth Massi has put together a series of articles about using Visual Studio LightSwitch to create Web applications.

Geolocation in Web apps

Brandon Satrom wrote an article in MSDN Magazine showing how the new geolocation features (still under development, but they are supported now and may end up in the spec) can be used to bring location awareness to Web applications.


January 27-28, 2012: PHPBenelux: The PHPBenelux 2012 conference in Antwerp will be held January 27 and 28. March 26-29, 2012: Agile ALM Connect: If you're interested in Agile methodologies and techniques, the Agile ALM Connect event will be put on by the Eclipse Foundation March 26 - 29, 2012 in Reston, VA. The conference has announced its program and speakers. May 3-4, 2012: webDU 2012 in Sydney: TechRepublic Australia Editor Chris Duckett writes: "The conference has also issued a call for papers, with potential speakers required to submit a relevant topic for a 50-minute session. The WebDU site says that just about anything to do with web and rich internet-application development and related topics will be considered. Submissions are due by January 8, 2012." Go to the webDU site for more details about the event. May 18-19, 2012: Italian phpDay: There will be a phpDay conference in Verona, Italy May 18 and 19, 2012. June 7-9, 2012: PHP conference in Amsterdam: The Dutch PHP event will be held in English.


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Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.


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Definitely shows a slightly bent humor, that I have seen in some of my fellow IT staffers over the years. Anyone else catch "suck RAM" and "a. hole"? Can't say that I ever encountered a Jody in IT, but I could see him being handy with copiers or other things larger than a desktop PC.


Vasco harbor India Sell them something right now!

BALTHOR Click the link then click satellite then type in Lagos Africa and click the search button..There are controls on the page or you can zoom with your mouse wheel or slide the page with a left mouse click hold.I wonder what they're doing today.

Sterling chip Camden
Sterling chip Camden

Subscribed. The one you linked to didn't "dew" much for me, but I really liked the latest one with Santa and Legolas.

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