Poll: Developers, do you use a profiling tool?

Justin James asks whether you use profiling tools in your development work and, if so, how do you use them? Take this TechRepublic poll.

Telerik recently released a beta of its new JustTrace profiling product, which joins the ranks of JetBrains dotTrace and the profiler built into Visual Studio. I've used a profiler in the past to track down problematic pieces of code, but it is not something that I incorporate in my regular workflow.

I find that knowing how to use a profiler is a useful skill, but I do not know many developers who use profiling tools. If you take advantage of profiling tools, how do you go about using them?



Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.


Rarely used, but indispensable. Performance problems are rare on today's hardware, but when they occur, profiling tool is the only viable solution.

Tony Hopkinson
Tony Hopkinson 1 Like

Don't guess, you'll be wrong quite often X taking along time might be a problem, but it might be a smaller problem than leaving it alone. One thing I can definitely say is most good speed optimisations come from thinking laterally, do not dive strraight in the middle of the 'problem' and start trying to save clock cycles, see if you can get rid of the entire thing, or cache it, or hash it for look ups, and above all remember every gain you make to improve X, will cost A - W, Y and Z.... It isn't free, unless you code was doing unncessary stuff... Which should be the first thing you look for.... Do I need to do it at all, do I need to do it now, do I need to all of it now... And for Cthulus sake isolate the target area, and get some unit tests ready before you start. Your code was working, and you might break it (almost certainlty) . If it wasn't working, then fix it before you optimise.

Sterling chip Camden
Sterling chip Camden

In fact, when tuning performance, they're the best place to start. I don't know how many times I've found out that what I expected to be the bottleneck wasn't, and the real problem was something I'd never considered.

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