Poll: Where is the money in mobile development?

Most developers making money with mobile development are writing in-house apps or working on projects that enhance a brand. Where do you see the money in mobile development?

The mobile application market was a gold rush for developers when the iPhone debuted. Since then, developers are finding it more difficult to make money by selling mobile apps. The various application markets are flooded with inexpensive knockoffs, and the form factors and capabilities make it challenging to write a serious application for which someone would pay more than a few dollars.

It seems like most developers making money with mobile development are either writing in-house apps that are extensions to existing intranet applications, or they are working on projects that enhance a brand (like a pizza ordering application or a quick banking program) rather than standing on their own. At the same time, we are seeing the widespread availability of ad networks for mobile applications.

I know there is money to be made in the mobile market, but I'm curious to know, where do you see most of that money coming from?

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Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.


There is money in it, but as usual, only for those that come up with truly original apps and concepts. As it should be.


Almost. First off, there is nothing truly "original" anymore. Just the degree of innovating on something that was truly original 100 years ago. Tell me a game and I'll tell you the trope that can be found in any number of games. Second, "as it should be"? Sounds like a dictation of terms. Now, like most people, I am not creative most of the time. Indeed, it's not possible to write on a calendar, "Today I will be creative". Real life doesn't work that way. Are you creative all of the time? On those days we're not creative, are we just worthless, throwaway business expenses? Apple's apps help Apple's brand, but even those who do make money, they have to work harder and at a bunch of other projects and for other platforms. "Burnout" being inevitable, I recommend everybody become an actor, CEO, sports player, or lobbyist. Then nobody would starve. The cost of training in every other profession, and tools, do exceed possible revenue potential - in which case, it doesn't matter how talented or creative a person is. Seeing too little potential, people just won't bother. In this day and age, people will not take risks. And that isn't a dictation of terms, that's how it is since nobody is spending. End result: Collapse.


That the people who make the most should be those that contribute to the state of the art. Those that come up with truly original ideas rather than just replicating someone elses ideas and wrapping a new interface around them. Note, "make the most" not "make anything". I have no problem with the plethora of apps that do the same thing, I just think the people who should be making the most from their work are those that innovate.

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