Study: Most developers still choose iOS over Android

A look at Q4 mobile development project starts by the firm Flurry shows iOS has approximately a three-to-one lead over Android.

CNET News blogger Lance Whitney recently shared survey results from mobile analytics firm Flurry that show, of the more than 16,000 new app projects started in the fourth quarter of 2011, 73 percent of developers targeted iOS and 27 percent chose Android. Flurry believes iOS has the edge for these primary reasons:

  • The iPhone became available through Verizon Wireless and Sprint this year.
  • The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S launches increased interest in Apple devices.
  • iOS developers report making three or four times as much money as Android developers.

For more details, read Flurry's analysis in the blog post, "App Developers Bet on iOS over Android this Holiday Season."

Credit: Flurry

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Mary Weilage is a Senior Editor for CBS Interactive. She has worked for TechRepublic since 1999.


Android is a market more focused on share and field testing, kind like fedora to red hat. Developers should use Android to measure the impact of and app and then use the same app for IOS and make the real dough!. Have you seen the difference between android and IOS apps in price. Is huge, many are found free in the android market with some ads of course, but hey people have to eat, right? So as a point to measure succes, this article doesnt prove nothing, but for developers it could give a hint as to what to do in order to launch an awesome app.


Just because there more money to win for the developers does it means it is better for the customers? And 80 % of those apps are gadgets.

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