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Learn the ins and outs of how Apple iOS App development is done by the experts.

Welcome to the iOS App Builder Blog on TechRepublic.

TechRepublic decided to start a new blog to focus on Apple iOS and the development of Apps on those platforms because, frankly, the App Builder Blog was getting a bit crowded. The App Builder Blog is changing to all Android development.

Building apps for iPhone and iPad is critical for many companies and can be lucrative for independent developers and small firms. We show you how it's done and offer some help with the intangibles.


Contributors to the iOS App Builder Blog are experienced developers with years of experience in creating business applications. This blog will tap into that experience and give you examples of what success in iOS App development looks like.

I'll be looking to add contributing writers to the team from time to time, so if you think you can offer coding tips or insight into how get your Apps noticed, send me an email at


Mark Kaelin is a CBS Interactive Senior Editor for TechRepublic. He is the host for the Microsoft Windows and Office blog, the Google in the Enterprise blog, the Five Apps blog and the Big Data Analytics blog.


Just a few thoughts for starters. You should cover tool sets and API's that are commonly used, both Apple native and some 3rd party / cross-platform tools. Then methodologies and possibly split the app discussions between games and other just so everybody knows what they're getting. I'd also like to see rapid prototyping methods and how people are getting/building graphical elements for their apps, whether productivity or entertainment. Thanks, Joshua


I would like to see apps that extend corporate business intelligence apps onto iPad.

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