Ensure IT project approval with this quality plan template

Many IT projects fall short of client expectations because the project manager didn't think ahead about how he or she was going to manage quality on the project. This quality plan template gives project managers a solid jumping-off point for developing their own quality management approach.

Poor quality management can lead to rework, customer dissatisfaction, higher costs, and missed deadlines. This downloadable template will help you avoid those problems by defining expectations and forging a solid plan to satisfy or exceed them.

That's where the quality plan comes into play. It identifies the client's expectations for quality and spells out the project manager's plan to meet those expectations. We've updated this quality plan template to give project managers a solid jumping-off point for developing their own quality management approach. It includes sections for outlining:

  • Project overview, quality standards, and quality tools
  • Completeness and correctness criteria
  • Quality assurance procedures, roles, and responsibilities
  • Quality control procedures, roles, and responsibilities

Download the template today.

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Steve Romero
Steve Romero

Years ago, when I wrote my first project management methodology and established my first formal project management processes I was asked by a Senior Executive, "Where is the Quality Plan?" Given my professional immaturity and lack of political savvy I promptly replied, "You're looking at it." Good process and methodology by its sheer nature, is all about quality. A Quality Plan as a subset, is redundant. All of the items covered in the subject Quality Plan should be addressed by sound project governance and the associated formal project management processes and methodology. I would only advocate the use of this plan in an environment that is absent of sound project management processes and methodology. In the absence of these effective mechanisms, this Quality Plan can be used to overcome the lack of project governance that could lead to reasoned and rationale project decision-making. Steve Romero, IT Governance Evangelist


Most of these "templates" are virtually useless, if you really wanted to use them due to all the rework needed to strip out footnotes etc. How about next time you don't add all the extraneous footnotes, versioning etc. etc. so that the template would be immediately useful.

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