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Infographic: How to develop a social recruiting strategy

Here are the benefits of, and strategies for, using social recruiting to engage the most qualified job candidates.

This newest infographic from Jobvite examines tips on how to establish and execute a solid social recruiting strategy in order to engage, entice, and connect with quality candidates. (Click image to enlarge.)


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Agreed Mr Chance... but the candidate experience can only make the difference once you know who the candidate is.... 70% of businesses can't be wrong, including ours moving from a total reliance on agency suppliers to almost becoming self reliant post implementing the effective use of social media, the key word here being costs nothing to utilise linked in, nothing to grow your network to include the types of skills you pay for in the thousands from using agency suppliers. Getting it right is what pays, invest time in your search strings, talk to someone who does this daily to understand just how effective this can be. you're right about one thing...we can afford to spend our money on this having saved thousands in supplier fees.....

Chaz Chance#
Chaz Chance#

Great, so social media allows you to connect to possible recruits from all over the world. Some of whom will have a problem coming into the office on the bus every day... I know I am getting old - I no longer think that every new thing is the wonderous cure for all our problems! In the current climate, the problem isn't getting thousands of applicants for every vacancy, it is making good use of the one you do select. Still, if you want to spend your company's money on this, that's OK, it keeps the economy going.

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