Don't miss TechRepublic's iPhone autopsy in photos and video

TechRepublic has done it again. Just as we did with the Nintendo Wii, the Microsoft Zune, the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, and various other popular technologies, we have cracked open the Apple iPhone and taken photos of innards for all of our fellow technophiles to see.

With the iPhone we've also tried a couple of new twists on the Cracking Open franchise. In addition to an extensive photo gallery, we registered the domain www.iphoneautopsy.com and we filmed some video clips in which TechRepublic's cracking open guru, Bill Detwiler, explains why and how we disassembled the iPhone. As always, our goal was not only to take the device apart and take a ton of photos, but also to get it back together again in working condition.


Cracking open the Apple iPhone

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