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Help this TechRepublic member transition from desktop support to Web development

TechRepublic member kpjud in San Francisco  started a thread called IT Career Transition and wrote, "I'm totally bored, in a dead-end job in a stodgy corporate environment. After 15 years of supporting desktops & LANs, I want to try something new and have some fun at work. I'm training in Unix Fundamentals, Webmaster Essentials, Web Server Concepts, IIS, HTML and SQL DB/Server Administration... If anyone can give me any pointers, it would be greatly appreciated." In another thread, called Web development as a Career, kpjud wrote, "I'm through with desktop support. I want to stay with IT, but I want a challenging & fun job. Over the course of this year I'll be taking Unix, HTML, DHTML, .NET, SQL Server, Apache server classes." Do any of you Web developers out there have any tips or guidance to help one of your fellow wayfarers on the IT highway? If so, please drop your wisdom into kpjud's original thread.


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I hear your pain as I've been doing the same thing for 11 years now. I've been corporate merged (seen both sides of the fence), corporate downsized, laid off twice, forced into jobs I was overqualified for, I even trained "the Indians" a few times (gut wrenching experience to say the least). However with all of that there are bright spots. My experience has been a bizarre roller coaster that I plan on avoiding in the future. I don't even consider it a career anymore but my spirits are still high. I'll do contract work until I can find my path into more creative avenues like yourself. Sales and management are as appealing to me as nails on a chalk board. Good luck with your search. I do know web work is rewarding if you can get the right job that doesn't pigeon hole you. I'm probably going to check out the arts myself and get my creative side going. Good luck! Z

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