Infographic: The innovations that led to the iPhone

Take a look at a visual history of the people, products, and ideas that led to the modern iPhone, and all smartphones in general.

The modern smartphone is the culmination of a century of technological progress and innovation. My colleagues across the pond at ZDNet UK have put together an amazing visual genealogy that illustrates the people, products, and ideas that have brought us to the latest iterations in mobile technology. This is the first in a new series of infographics that ZDNet UK is calling theĀ Tech Family Tree. The first one is titled, "The History of the iPhone," although it also applies more broadly to smartphones in general.

ZDNet UK's team of editors spent several months researching this first Tech Family Tree and they've said that they intend these huge, poster-sized infographics to be "mini-encyclopedias, instant guides to the facts behind iconic inventions."

These are available in three formats and here are the links to each three for the History of the iPhone:

  1. A downloadable PDF
  2. An interactive online graphic
  3. A 33 x 23 inch printed poster

For more on how the ZDNet UK team created this infographic and their plans for more of these in the future, take a look at this short video.


Jason Hiner is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Long Form Editor of ZDNet. He writes about the people, products, and ideas changing how we live and work in the 21st century. He's co-author of the book, Follow the Geeks.


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Samsung was the main innovator behind the scenes of Apple's gimmicks and lies.


Is this a joke? I thought it was supposed to be a virgin birth. Didn't Jesus turn a rock into an iPhone and gave it to Steve Jobs while stating: "This is my protoge with whom I'm well pleased?" I don't know, but I think your story doesn't add up with the ones I've heard from Apple fanatics.

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