Top 10 IT headlines for July 17: PC shipments remain steady, call center workers sue Dell

Top 10 IT headlines for Thursday, July 17, 2008: PC shipments solid in second quarter, call center workers bring class action lawsuit against Dell, SCO ordered to pay Novell millions, say goodbye to the computer mouse, and more.

  1. PC shipments solid in second quarter; Apple No. 3 in U.S. (ZDNet)
  2. Dell faces class action lawsuit from workers (CNET)
  3. Justice is served: SCO ordered to pay Novell millions (CNET)
  4. Say goodbye to the computer mouse in 3-5 years (BBC)
  5. Samsung, Sun develop flash chip for severs (CNET)
  6. U.S. spam levels up, state of Illinois is the worst offender (ZDNet)
  7. IDC: Solid state drive, hard disk speed gap small (CNET)
  8. 3G iPhones at an AT&T store? Fuggedaboutit (CNET)
  9. Technology that powers Olympics on Web at center of lawsuit (ZDNet)
  10. Is $38,000 too much to pay for an iPhone? (TechRepublic)


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How do I get to one of this 'local' call centers instead of having to spend most of my customer service/tech support call saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that."


ya have to sign up for premuim service..i think it may be for big clients though


With Dell you have to buy an Optiplex or Latitude and get the $69 service plan. Then you're in. Dell's system of pay is so crazy I don't know how they figured out they were underpaid.

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