Top 10 IT headlines for May 23: Google's Wi-Fi on steroids, HP edges IBM in servers, Apple's digital home

Top IT headlines for Friday, May 23, 2008: Larry Page hits Washington to pitch 'Wi-Fi on steroids,' HP beats IBM in server revenue and shipments, Apple's vision for the digital home, how much do you need to know about Windows, and more.


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well, the brain drain this could cause with his leaving the company.........if enough of his "devotees" leave en mass, the RDK folks will step backeards before they try to lunge ahead under Steve Ballmann's tutelidge. all important advances in research and development have been headed by Bill Gates, as chief applications developer, pretty much since day one. He is almost like Bret Farve leaving his organisation. Bret said he is leaving, but is he really? Ha! An As for Bill, well, stay tuned!!!