Top IT news for April 23: Microsoft centers itself on Web, Yahoo reports good first quarter, Google sued over ads

Top IT news for April 23, 2008: Microsoft centers on the Web rather than the PC, Yahoo presents good first quarter earnings but Microsoft doesn't raise bid, Google sued over ad program, AT&T reports good first quarter on strength of wireless, WiMAX backers declare the future is bright, and much more.

Top five headlines

  1. Microsoft: Web at the center, not PC
  2. Yahoo's first quarter good; Not good enough for a higher Microsoft bid; Yang wants more
  3. Google sued over advertising program
  4. AT&T first quarter on target; Wireless data access revenue strong; iPhone demand solid
  5. WiMax backers: Our future is bright

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It's always AT&T Yahoo.Somebody invented the DC Telephone system didn't they.


Perhaps I was distracted by my proximity to a non-virtual airfield, however.


Original post: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/hiner/?p=639 Can Microsoft succeed with its Live Mesh strategy? How much will it change the way IT departments manage infrastructure in the future?


It wasn't killed by WinMe, it might survive "Live Mesh." [i]How much will it change the way IT departments manage infrastructure in the future?[/i] You need to stop drinking S. Ballmer's Kool-Aid! Microsoft does not innovate, and does not "change the way" [b]anything or anybody[/b] blah, blah, blah. Microsoft only identifies the largest spikes in profit in the IT industry, and acquires or kills the offenders. They envy earned success, and assimilate or destroy it, whichever is more expedient.

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