Top IT news for April 25: Microsoft earnings a mixed bag, new iMacs could be coming, 3G BlackBerry delayed

The top IT news for April 25, 2008 features Microsoft's mixed bag of an earnings report, new iMacs could be coming next week, 3G BlackBerry might be delayed, Cisco co-founder wants to revolutionize fiber optic networks, Interop gears up for biz tech extravaganza in Las Vegas, and much more.

Top five headlines

  1. Microsoft’s quarter, outlook mixed; Client revenue misses; Xbox shines
  2. New iMacs arriving next week?
  3. 3G BlackBerry delayed until August?
  4. Cisco's co-founder wants to simplify fiber optic networks
  5. Interop Preview: Tech Industry Gets Ready To Rumble

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Original post: Microsoft's earnings report showed revenue up but profit down. One of the weak spots was client revenue from Vista and XP, which was down versus the same quarter a year ago. This could simply be related to the fact that a year ago was the Vista launch, or it could be an early warning sign. What do you think?

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