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Top trends of CES 2012: Geek pundits speak out

In evaluating the most important stuff at CES 2012 I got an assist from Leo Laporte, Veronica Belmont, and other smart geek commentators.

Photo credit: Jason Hiner | TechRepublic

To help sort through the craziness of CES I interviewed some of the smartest and most passionate tech commentators I know and asked them about the best products and trends they saw at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

I asked all of them the same two questions:

  • What was the most interesting new product you saw at CES?
  • What trend do you see coming out of CES that will have the biggest impact on 2012?

Watch their responses in the following videos and read the highlights below.

Veronica Belmont

Most interesting product: Toshiba Excite X10 tablet

Most important trend: Cloud content sharing

Becky Worley

Most interesting product: ViaSat Exede Broadband (satellite Internet)

Most important trend: Gesture controlled interfaces

Tom Merritt

Most interesting product: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Most important trend: Connected TVs

Harry McCracken

Most interesting product: Dell Studio XPS 13

Most important trend: Natural user interfaces

Sarah Lane

Most interesting product: Boxee Live TV (Boxee Box with over-the-air antenna)

Most important trend: Smart TVs and OLED TVs

Leo Laporte

Most interesting product: Samsung 55-inch OLED TV

Most important trend: Apps in TV

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Jason Hiner is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Long Form Editor of ZDNet. He writes about the people, products, and ideas changing how we live and work in the 21st century. He's co-author of the book, Follow the Geeks.


I was very interested in this product. Unfortunately their inability to operate a functional web page has erased the interest...


I wonder if Toshiba Excite X10 is strong enough not to break if an 80 kg geek happens to accidentally sit on it!!! Anyway, Veronica's great .... :-)


If only something on that list was actually worth paying attention to. Simply enough, not a single thing out of the list from these pundits above, serves up any interest to my inner geek.


Eventually, read very soon, we will begin to see some incredible offerings from using nanotechnology. Look for a great deal of commotion about power consumption management. Also super, super displays with incredible resolution density, via IBMs recent announcement of it's ability to store data in only 12 atoms. Lastly, keep your eyes open for a revolution in solar power as a power source for everything from computers to automobiles.


Jason, the next time you see Veronica, tell her I'm in love with her. =)


Hahaha...Veronica turns into a slimjim.

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