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UPDATED: Calendar of U.S. technology conferences and events in 2008

It's difficult to find a good master list of all the IT-related conferences, expos, and events. Thus, here is an updated calendar in order to help TechRepublic readers find the IT events that best serve their interests and the ones that will be showing up their cities and regions throughout 2008.

Despite repeated complaints from me and many others in the IT industry, it's still difficult to find a good master list of all the IT-related conferences, expos, and events. Thus, I've put together my own calendar in order to help TechRepublic readers find the events that best serve their interests and the ones that will be showing up their cities and regions.

I have primarily limited my list to the U.S. events; however, I have also listed of few of the most prominent international events that are worth considering. In addition, I keep events that have already passed on the list so that readers can identify conferences that they might want to hit the next time around.

I will be updating this list throughout the year, so you can bookmark this URL and check back periodically for the latest list of the top conferences for IT pros.


Consumer Electronics Show -- Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 7-10

MacWorld Conference & Expo -- San Francisco, CA, Jan. 15-18

Technosium 2008 Conference & Expo -- Santa Clara, CA, Jan. 27-29

Web 2.0 Conference & Expo -- Santa Clara, CA, Jan. 29


SharePoint Information Worker Conference -- Nashville, TN, Feb. 4-6

O'Reilly Money:Tech -- New York, NY, Feb. 6-7

Law Firm Chief Information & Technology Officers Forum -- New York, NY, Feb. 6-7

Mobile World Congress -- Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 11-14

IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition -- Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 18-21

COMPTEL Spring 2008 Convention & Expo -- Nashville, TN, Feb. 24-27


Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit -- Chicago, IL, Mar. 3-5

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference -- San Diego, CA, Mar. 3-6

CeBIT -- Hannover, Germany, Mar. 4-9

MIX08 -- Las Vegas, NV, Mar. 5-7

InfoSec World Conference & Expo 2008 -- Orlando, FL, Mar. 10-12

VoiceCon Orlando -- Orlando, FL, Mar. 17-20


CTIA Wireless 2008 -- Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 1-3

Gartner Symposium ITxpo -- Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 6-10

IBM Impact (SOA) -- Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 6-11

Storage Networking World -- Orlando, FL, Apr. 7-10

RSA Security Conference -- San Francisco, CA, Apr. 7-11

ManageFusion -- Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 8-10

MySQL Conference and Expo -- Santa Clara, CA, April 14-17

Web 2.0 Expo -- San Francisco, CA, Apr. 22-25

GovSec -- Washington, D.C. Apr. 23-25

Interop Las Vegas 2008 -- Las Vegas, NV, Apr. 27 - May 2


SAP Sapphire -- Orlando, FL, May 4-7

IDC Enterprise Data Center Forum -- New York, NY, May 6

IDC Virtualization Forum -- New York, NY, May 7

Green IT 08 -- London, England, May 7-8

Wireless Enterprise Symposium (BlackBerry) -- Orlando, Florida, May 13-15

IPSCON Spring 2008 -- Chicago, IL, May 13-15

Citrix Synergy -- Houston, TX, May 20-23

2008 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium -- Boston, MA, May 21

D6: All Things Digital Conference -- San Diego, CA, May 27-29

MEFCON -- Los Angeles, CA, May 28-29

RailsConf 2008 -- Portland, OR, May 29 - June 1


Gartner IT Security Summit -- Washington, D.C., June 2-4

IDC IT Forum & Expo -- Boston, MA, June 4-5

Enterprise 2.0 -- Boston, MA, June 9-12

Microsoft Tech-Ed -- Orlando, FL, June 9-13

Computerworld Mobile & Wireless World Conference -- Miami, FL, June 9-10

IDC Unified Communications Summit -- New York, NY, June 10

IDC Green IT Forum -- San Clara, CA, June 10

NXTcomm08 -- Las Vegas, NV, June 16-19

Cisco Live -- Orlando, Florida, June 22-26

Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit -- Orlando, Florida, June 23-25


CIO Business Continuity Forum -- New York, NY, July 14-16

O'Reilly Open Source Convention -- Portland, OR, July 21-25


Black Hat -- Las Vegas, Aug. 2-7

Next Generation Data Center -- San Francisco, CA, Aug. 4-7

LinuxWorld -- San Francisco, CA, Aug. 4-7

Intel Developer Forum -- San Francisco, C, Aug 19-21


Gartner Web Innovation Summit -- Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 15-17

IT Security World 2008 -- San Francisco, CA, Sept. 15-17

Interop NY 2008 -- New York, NY, Sept. 15-19

Web 2.0 Expo NY -- New York, NY, Sept. 16-19

IDC Storage Forum -- New York, NY, Sept. 16

IDC Compliance in Information Management Forum -- New York, NY, Sept. 17

IDC Security Summit -- New York, NY, Sept. 18

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 -- San Francisco, CA, Sept. 21-25


WiMAX World -- Chicago, IL, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

GreenXchange -- Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 1-3

Gartner Symposium ITxpo -- Orlando, FL, Oct. 12-17

Storage Networking World -- Dallas, TX, Oct. 13-16

IT Audit & Controls Conference -- Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 21-23

Mobile Internet World -- Boston, MA, Oct. 21-23

Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit -- San Diego, CA, Oct. 27-29


WinHEC 2008 -- Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 5-7

SIMposium 2008 -- Orlando, FL, Nov. 9-12

VoiceCon San Francisco 2008 -- San Francisco, CA, Nov. 10-13

Super Computing 08 -- Austin, TX, Nov. 15-21

Gartner Master Data Management Summit -- San Francisco, CA, Nov. 17-19


Gartner 27th Annual Data Center Conference -- Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 2-5

More events

For more of these types of IT conferences and events, take a look at the sites of these events organizers:


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SANSFIRE 2008 July 22-31

Dmitry Leskov
Dmitry Leskov

JavaOne, EclipseCon, EclipseWorld are also missing


I didn't see anything relating to DB2, and yet you have listings for MySQL and Oracle. IDUG, the worldwide DB2 user community, is having their annual conference, May 18-22, Dallas, TX. Information on Demand, IBM's technical conference is October 26-31, Las Vegas, NV.


Thanks for the list Jason. You'll be reporting on some of these for us?


Winter SHARE was February 24 through 29 in Orlando, Florida. Summer SHARE will be in San Jose, California, August 10-15, 2008.


I'll definitely be reporting from some of the big ones. Interop and ITxpo are the biggest ones for business tech and IT. Intel IDF is a big one for overall trends in the computer industry.


Sept. 7-13, San Francisco CA

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