Video: Deploy metrics to revolutionize business processes

This episode of CIO Sanity Savers shares some valuable pointers to help you build a successful business metrics program.

In lean times, a business process metrics program might seem like something that's nice to have but not essential. However, identifying, redesigning, and monitoring just one critical business process can quickly reap benefits in cost savings or happier customers. This episode of CIO Sanity Savers shares some pointers to help you build a successful metrics program.

For those of you who prefer text over video, you can click the "Transcript" link underneath the video or you can read the original article from Polly Traylor that this episode was based on: 10 best practices for business process measurement.


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I expected cartridge bandoleers when I saw, "revolutionize". And (forgive me), you have your fingertips so precisely matched I'm reminded of what I taught my daughter when she was little: "spider doing push-ups on a mirror". Affect, maybe, a pipe? A cold cigar stub?

Tony Hopkinson
Tony Hopkinson

I've a lot about how they got massaged to show an improvement that wasn't there though....

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