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Windows Longhorn Server -- Time to start paying attention

It's been hard to get excited about Windows Longhorn Server because the release of the product has seemed so far away for so long, and I never had the sense that it was anywhere close to being feature-complete. To be honest, I still have not found any new features to get overly excited about it, but all of the sudden, Beta 3 has arrived. Last night, Microsoft released the first public preview, so it's time to start paying attention. 

This week, Microsoft stated that Longhorn Server will be released the same time as Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and that the official product name of Longhorn Server will be announced "in short order," according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.   

Next week, TechRepublic is going to publish a comprehensive screenshot gallery of Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3. In the meantime, here are some resources to get up to speed:

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Release and deployment are a long way, but IT pros tend to want to know about big releases like this, if for nothing else than to be able to make the argument against it for a while. Now that Windows Longhorn Server is in Beta 3 with a public preview, are you going to start paying attention to it? What are the first things you want to see?


I been using Beta 3 Lon Horn for the pass 2 months and found serious concern regarding File replication services. And incompatibility with Office 2007 I was one of the first with Vista Ultimate to find the same issues sharing databases hosted on Vista and Longhorn Microsoft have not been avaible give me an answer

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