Camera phone challenge: Geeky couples

You have from now until [TBD] to submit camera phone photos of geeky couples. We will send the participants of our three favorite submissions some free swag!

We asked the TechRepublic community for camera phone challenge suggestions, and here's what TechRepublic member RockerGeek! had to say:

"If I may... geekiest couples. Pic of yourself and significant other geekin'... or another couple. Definitely a geek's version of 'cutest couple' contests."

You have from now until [TBD] to submit camera phone photos of geeky couples. Bonus points will be given for actually geeking it up in the photo(s). Please send these original photos, along with information about what phone you used (and the model number), a little bit about the photo you're submitting (optional), and your TR username to trol at

The TechRepublic editorial staff will select their three favorite photos from all the entries, and the TechRepublic members who submitted those photos will receive some free swag!


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is having someone behind the camera to take our picture. I think Darryl got one of two of our girls geeking out over march break...not sure if he sent it in though...i'll have to harrass him a little ;)


I would surely have won, as there were some of the geekiest couples I've ever seen....

Sonja Thompson
Sonja Thompson

So, the end date is up to you all. If you want incentive, there's a photo of RockerGeek! that's just waiting to publish. I know there are other geeky couples out there... so, where are your camera phone photos?

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