Hal 9000 highlights TR Questions of the Week - May 30, 2011

TechRepublic members' questions highlighted address issues with iPhone Wi-Fi connections, Windows XP load times, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and more.

With the help from the TechRepublic member Hal 9000, we've compiled a list of questions from last week that had great answers and/or large appeal. If you want to submit your favorite Question of the Week, using those guidelines as criteria, please send them to

Here are some highlighted questions from last week:


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CharlieSpencer 1 Like

I hope everyone had a good one, especially the active and my fellow retired service members. Sunday wasn't a good day for race cars sponsored by the National Guard.


Thank you all for your service.

Michael Jay
Michael Jay 1 Like

I think the extra caution set the nail in that coffin.

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