TechRepublic Questions of the Week - August 23, 2010

The questions highlighted in this Questions of the Week post address issues with WordPress, server power backups, Windows XP recovery, moving mailboxes to another server, network monitoring, removing Trojans, and much more.

With the help from the TechRepublic community, we've compiled a list of questions from last week that had great answers and/or large appeal. If you want to submit your favorite Question of the Week, using those guidelines as criteria, please send them to

Here are some highlighted questions from last week:


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I had some bad case of audio feedback during a video conferencing, it was very hard to control especially with 8 or more participants; would there be any software that would compensate or control these audio feedbacks during video conferencing? I would appreaciate any comment regarding this problem. Thank You, Jun V.


I have had good audio with services like Webex that use the participant's telephone, not the PC microphone speaker for audio. What service had the feedback issues? Was this local or international?

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