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In July of 2010, TechRepublic launched a camera phone challenge series. As we stated in the very first challenge, with the increased quality of camera phones, even amateur photographers are able to snap some pretty good pictures. Not only are these galleries entertaining, but they also give community members a quick look at different phones' camera capabilities.

So, every other week, TechRepublic features a new camera phone challenge with a different topic or photo theme. We decided to create a dedicated blog post that highlights the current camera phone challenge and lists all of the camera phone challenge galleries to date. We will keep the featured challenge up-to-date and add any new galleries to the list.

If you have suggestions for future camera phone challenge topics, please let us know in the discussion thread or send us an email.

Current camera phone challenge

There's no current challenge. Stay tuned...

Extended camera phone challenge

"Camera phone challenge: Geeky couples" - You have from now until [TBD] to submit camera phone photos of geeky couples. We will send the participants of our three favorite submissions some free swag!

Camera phone challenge galleries


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We can pay Kodak, etc for many types of copyright targets. There are many public domain targets - B& W only. Commercial publications have their standardized targets, unusable by the general public. I'm trying to devise an open source lines per inch, COLOR target, photo-printed onto A4 (international) sized cards, that tests: close-ups (macro & not), medium distance, infinity .. under perfect, medium & poor lighting conditions. This open source target could eventually become an ASA-type standard. It would help us measure the effect of hardware aging, lens adapters, acuity at different zoom, temperature & lighting conditions, etc. Any ideas or offers to help? Already spent many hours googling, etc. Cannot afford to buy a commercial copyright standard, then modify it so that it becomes open source. I appreciate the old-style television test patterns, but they do not have enough high definition acuity for camera testing. Retired (medical) IT Consultant, Australian Capital Territory


here's my second for that suggestion!


If I may... geekiest couples. Pic of yourself and significant other geekin'... or another couple. Definitely a geek's version of "cutest couple" contests, lol


I have something cutesy in store... I know other people are going to have interesting things to post too! I'm sure this will bring some laughs!

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