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TR Community scoreboard for Feb. 25, 2011 - Time-wasting tasks

In this weekly recap, you'll get a quick look at the top discussions and members on the TechRepublic forums. You'll also learn about an upcoming weekly site update post by TechRepublic Product Manager Brandon Seltenrich.

Bill Detwiler tells the TR community to get with the 21st century and stop wasting the IT department's time doing time-wasting tasks -- and of course, the TR community had a few tips of their own. Find out what other posts and TechRepublic members were the most active on the boards.

* Before we dig into the stats, I'd like to address some concerns that have been raised in the forums about difficulties that the TR community is still experiencing since the site upgrade. I'm pleased to announce that TechRepublic Product Manager Brandon Seltenrich will publish a weekly site update starting next Friday in the TR Out Loud blog. He will discuss the latest site developments, bug fixes, upgrades, new features, and upcoming changes. These posts will also give members and opportunity to continue the conversation, including concerns and helpful tips, in the discussion threads.

Top 5 discussion threads:

  1. Five time-wasting tasks IT shouldn't be doing anymore (Bill Detwiler)
  2. The one big reason why iPad rivals can't compete on price (Jason Hiner)
  3. Getting paid to break into things: How vulnerability assessors work at Argonne National Lab (Michael Kassner)
  4. Why breadcrumb navigation is better than the Up button (Greg Shultz)
  5. You've been labeled at work. What do you do now? (Toni Bowers)

TR members with the most total posts on the forums

  1. AnsuGisalas (129 posts)
  2. seanferd (117 posts)
  3. Tigger_Two (59 posts)
  4. Neon Samurai (54 posts)
  5. SinisterSlay (50 posts)

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum

  1. AnsuGisalas (91)
  2. Tigger_Two (54)
  3. seannyob (46)
  4. Palmetto (44)
  5. Neon Samurai (37)

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum

  1. OH Smeg (15)
  2. seanferd (5)
  3. robo_dev (4)

Top spam busters

  1. Tigger_Two and seanferd (11)
  2. PurpleSkys (5)
  3. NickNielsen (4)
  4. Palmetto(3)

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Sonja Thompson has worked for TechRepublic since October of 1999. She is currently a Senior Editor and the host of the Smartphones and Tablets blogs.

AnsuGisalas 1 Like

YOU ROCK!!! I just had to edit a post with special html characters... and they decompiled for the edit! :x That's something that's definitely better than before! It's really appreciated! :D :D :D å Edit: Re-tested, it works after a reload and re-edit too, so it's not restricted to a buffered input or anything! :D

NickNielsen 2 Like

Just lucky, I guess. I managed to catch the Burberry twit in the middle of one of his fits.

Tigger_Two 1 Like

Something tells me that twit boy will be back. I don't know why I think that, I just do. I caught him doing his usual "Good job" post on a blog having nothing to do with Burberry. I have been watching the zombie threads for spammers. That has been working for me. The other thing is that I often can't sleep so am at the computer at all hours. Still, I had no idea that I got so many. I was thinking maybe five or six.

CharlieSpencer 1 Like

:D I look forward to Brandon's updates.

Sonja Thompson
Sonja Thompson 1 Like

You know if that was really me, you would still recognize my smile underneath all those cables and chords. ;)

NickNielsen 1 Like

You're a musician and you don't know the difference between chords and cords? :0 ;)

CharlieSpencer 1 Like

The sounds generated by three loads of firewood. You're welcome.

AnsuGisalas 2 Like

the eyes overfloweth with! Or "Every cord is a chord to a true musician" :)

Tigger_Two 1 Like

As if that weren't enough, I am the first to post to the Community Scoreboard! How do these things happen? It is great to hear that Brandon will be starting a weekly update. That will give us an easy to find place to hear what TR is thinking and provide feedback as the site continues to improve. I'm excited! I don't know how I managed to hit almost every list. Probably a good thing that I stayed out of the Questions forum. But top spam buster? How do these things happen?

CharlieSpencer 1 Like

I find it harder to detect spam. The name of the last poster is no longer displayed on the Discussions page, so it's harder to tell when someone has quickly updated multiple topics. The membership date isn't shown on each post (and the month and day aren't show anywhere, even in a profile); this is another key piece of info I used to pick up spam.

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