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TR Community tip: HTML code for characters and symbols

In this quick tip by TR's moderator, Tammy Cavadias, you'll learn some basic HTML code for everyday characters and symbols.
This tip was provided by TechRepublic's moderator Tammy Cavadias.

Have you ever found yourself needing to include a copyright symbol or registered trademark symbol when coding in HTML?

Here's some basic HTML code for everyday characters and symbols you may find yourself needing:

© copyright sign - ©

® registered trade mark sign - ®

£ pound sign - £

¥ yen sign - ¥

¿ inverted question mark - ¿

à latin small letter a with grave - à

ã in small letter a with tilde - ã

ö latin small letter o with diaeresis - ö

If we missed your favorite or most commonly used HTML character code, please add it to the discussion thread.

And if you have your own TR Community tip, please send it to so that we can feature in the TR Out Loud blog.


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— em dash - — – en dash - – and of course, the ampersand - & - &

OldER Mycroft
OldER Mycroft

Long before any involvement with 'puters I was 'casting off' with bare pages of type but allowing for Codicils and Ligatures. ([i]no calculators or slide rules allowed for that![/i]). Thanks for the trip down memory lane!! LOL


I already knew this from long ago

Sonja Thompson
Sonja Thompson

If so, I would love to post them on the site. Just shoot me an e-mail to trol [at] techrepublic [dot] com.

Sonja Thompson
Sonja Thompson

Tammy Cavadias started out the list of some basic HTML code for everyday characters and symbols. What are some other common ones that you use? Please share them in the discussion thread.

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