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IBM's "low-carb" blade servers

It looks like IBM is going green with its "low carb" servers. These servers need less electricity and use flash memory instead of disks.

This looks like the beginning of a new way of thinking in IT. There has been so much discussion lately about energy consumption that I believe this is a step in the right direction. What do you think? Has anyone seen one of these servers in action? 





It wasn't but a month ago that a friend & I were discussing this very thing. We noted how the size of jump drives is ever increasing & mentioned that static memory would be a great way for Laptops to conserve energy. Even in desktops you could just set up a row of USB connections on the Motherboard and Plug in Jump Drives. The size of the drives wouldn't matter as long as the 'Disk' Manager knows where they are on the board & 'Linked' them accordingly. Think about it, Every time the size is increased for a jump drive you could increase the Storage on your board. Upgrading might be a little interesting, but all you'd really need to do is have a SATA like set up where you have 2rows of Static Ram where one mirrors the other. Pull one side out, put the new Static RAM in, run the mirroring s/w, bingo your golden!

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