Essential Gmail and Google Apps keyboard shortcuts

Bill Detwiler helps you work faster and smarter in Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar with must-know keyboard shortcuts.

Whether you need to copy and paste text or navigate through your inbox, keyboard shortcuts often make the process more efficient. Although many shortcuts, like Ctrl+C (or Command+C for Mac users), are standard across operating systems and applications, not every key combination is universal.

In past TR Dojo episodes, I've covered keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Word. I've even demonstrated how to create custom shortcuts with the AutoHotkey utility. In this week's show, I turn my attention to three of the most widely-used Google Apps--Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

For those who prefer text to video, click the View Transcript link below the video player window. And as there's no way I can demonstrate every shortcut during a single TR Dojo episode, I picked several shortcuts that I consider essential. For even more Google Apps shortcuts, check out Kevin Purdy's article, "The 40 most important Google Apps keyboard shortcuts," on which this episode is based.

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