Video: Five advanced PowerShell scripting tricks for Windows admins

Bill Detwiler shows you five PowerShell techniques that can put you on the path to becoming a scripting ninja.

PowerShell scripts can save you a lot of time on Windows admin tasks - but to get the most from it, there are a few key concepts that you need to know. During this week's episode of TR Dojo, I show five PowerShell techniques that can put you on the path to becoming a scripting ninja.

For those who prefer text to video, you can click the Transcript link that appears below the video player window or check out Brien Posey's original article.

The following are links to the resources I mentioned in the video and provide additional PowerShell tips:

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Your videos never show up any more, What is the problem. I am in Win 7 x64 Ult. with SP1. and use FireFox , and IE8. It never shows up in the last couple of months. So I just Read the docs now.


Check your Flash player settings. Right click on the video and then on Global Settings. It'll take you to Adobe's Flash Player's Settings Manager site. There, on the left side click on the Global Privacy Settings Panel. It will show you your actual computer's Flash settings. click on folders to change various settings. That's where I had to go to fix same problem. Be aware that if you disable and don't allow Flash to store some stuff, it won't work. That's how they get to keep planting crap on our systems. - Steve Dubya

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