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Adobe Shadow helps web pros preview and test designs across devices

Adobe Labs announced a free utility called Shadow that simplifies mobile web design and development by allowing simultaneous testing and previewing across iOS and Android devices.

In a post last week in the Adobe blog, the company announced the Adobe Shadow Labs Release 1 -- a utility for mobile web designers and developers that is aimed at allowing real-time previews and testing on multiple devices as you design.

You can download the free utility from Adobe now. The package includes:

  • a desktop app for Mac or Windows
  • Shadow clients for both iOS and Android
  • a Google Chrome browser extension

They recommend that you start by watching the Shadow demo video, which is posted in the blog announcement.

The early word seems pretty positive, as's Scott Gilbertson writes:

It's no secret that, while responsive design allows developers to easily target a wide range of screen sizes, it adds a considerable amount of work to the development process. But with Shadow mirroring your website across dozens of devices at the same time, testing becomes simple and easy.

Have you already downloaded Adobe Shadow to try it out? Share your experience in the comments below.


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If you are still on Windows XP don't even bother with this. It does not run on Windows XP. Adobe has officially stopped supporting windows XP. I think that is something you can write about...ah and something you did not notice(or forgot to mention, or maybe you thought that everyone has upgraded to windows 7. It has some issues on Vista too. btw)


when you click on the details tab at the Adobe Shadow web site, there is an option to view system lists Windows 7 (for Windows) and Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7 for Mac. Not sure about Adobe ending support for WinXP??? They are still updating Acrobat Reader and Flash.


I just went there and clicked on download. My point is that Adobe has stopped supporting XP. This is their Latest app. I am not complaining about having to download it and find out it does not support XP. That my bad I agree. I think this should be mentioned in the article cause this is "news"

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