Master CSS, HTML5, Photoshop, and more through Udemy's online courses

Udemy offers hundreds of online courses about web design and development (as well as other topics) that are taught by experts from around the world. We list some of the course offerings.


The online course provider Udemy offers hundreds of classes from various categories, which include technology, design, business, arts, and photography. Established in 2010, Udemy has served more than 500,000 students (including me) who have been taught by Ivy League professors, New York Times best-selling authors, CEOs from well-known companies, and other experts. Three of the tech instructors are Chris Converse, Designer and Developer at Codify Design Studio, Victor Bastos, Web Developer, and Huw Collingbourne, Director of Technology at SapphireSteel Software.  

Udemy accounts are free, and you can sign in with your Facebook account or you can create a unique account using a valid email address and password. The costs for courses range from free to several hundred dollars depending on the class, topic, and number of sessions offered. You can add courses to your account's wish list, giving you a nice slate of upcoming courses that you can schedule and arrange on your own time. Most courses include a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime access (without limits on how much you access your courses).

Most courses include a curriculum list of each lecture, a completion tracker so you can view your progress, announcements related to the course, and a Q&A section related to the coursework or for reporting any technical support issues related to the series.

Web design courses

In the Design category, Udemy offers hundreds of online courses, including 20 free courses that range from topics such as Photoshop Training - Tutorials, Real World Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Design Thinking: Innovate in Style (which shows you " to think like a designer and innovate by getting behind true needs and values and creating better experiences").

Figure A is a snapshot of some of the the hundreds of design courses that are not free.

Figure A


Web development courses

I've taken some of the web development courses listed in the Technology category, and I found them  informative and worth the time, cost, and effort. Some of the courses are free, and periodically you can find great deals; for instance, PHP and MySQL Tutorial Video - Web Development The Easy Way is regularly priced at $99 but, at the time of my purchase, it was discounted to $10. It's difficult to find a course anywhere else that has a 144 lecture series for just $10 -- it was definitely a good return on investment. That particular course has served more than 1,300 students and has a 4+ star rating (out of five stars) with 12 reviews.

Free web development courses

A recent search on Udemy for Technology courses listed for Free (Figure B) resulted in 113 courses offered. These are six of the free web development courses.

  • Java for Complete Beginners is a seven section, 71 lecture series where students learn to program in Java. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program. More than 70,000 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received more than 1,200 reviews.
  • Adobe Flash CS5.5 for Beginners, presented by Professor Andy Anderson, is a guide to multimedia creation using the program's professional features. More than 10,000 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 35 reviews.
  • Learn iOS Programming - The Basics provides a thorough and clear understanding of iOS programming, including Objective C Concepts, Controls and Templates in iOS, Xcode interface, Views and View Controllers, and other topics. More than 4,000 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 35 reviews.
  • MySQL Database for Beginners is a 22 lecture series taught by Bucky Roberts that will get you from beginner to pro. More than 45,000 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 787 reviews.
  • Learn HTML5 Programming from Scratch teaches you how to create HTML websites and use CSS before covering HTML5. More than 41,000 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 673 reviews.
  • Learn JavaScript & JQuery from Scratch is a 10 lecture series that gives you the fundamentals of JavaScript and JQuery, as well as advanced functions, conditionals, events, and objects, and it finishes with a project. More than 3,900 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 65 reviews.
Figure B

Paid web development and design courses

The paid technology category offerings include more than 500 courses, several of which are shown in Figure C.

Figure C


The highlighted paid course offerings listed below range in price from $499 to $59 (these are the course prices as of this writing).

  • Xcode fundamentals: Designing a user experience for iOS6 ($499) shows you the ins and outs of Xcode and contains valuable information on how to get your app idea to developers and the Apple App Store as quickly as possible. More than 1,700 students have taken the course. It has a 4-star rating and has received 45 reviews.
  • Android Apps in 1 Hour: No Coding Required ($297) teaches you not only the technical side of app building but also the creative design process and how to quickly and easily get your app ready for any Android App marketplace, including Google Play. More than 700 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 39 reviews.
  • Creating Responsive Web Design ($150) shows a step-by-step process for creating a design that can rearrange content, resize elements, and adapt based on the size of your visitor's screen size. More than 4,000 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 95 reviews.
  • Building Custom WordPress Sites from Scratch ($99) covers how to design, build, and manage a professional web presence using the latest technologies at your disposal. More than 2,500 students have taken the course. It has a 4+ star rating and has received 69 reviews.
  • The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial ($99) is taught by expert programmer and author Mike McMillan. You'll learn how to program with the popular development language. More than 3,500 students have taken the course. It has a 4-star rating and has received 62 reviews.
  • CSS Master Class: Build Media Queries with Dreamweaver CS6 ($59) will show you how to build CSS media queries with Dreamweaver for desktop, laptop, and all mobile devices. More than 3,900 students have taken the course. It has a 5-star rating and has received 25 reviews (Figure D).
Figure D



This is a short list of the many web developer and web design course offerings that Udemy provides for beginners who want to learn new technologies or for seasoned pros who want to complement their current skill set. Check out the Udemy site for the entire list of courses. 

Have you taken any courses on Udemy? If so, let us know which ones you completed and your thoughts on the courses.


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There are many website which has tutorial hv designs are some onf the popular tutorial website , and if you are not pro and just looking some fine tuning in photos, and wanted to just gets started then you can start using a tool this is browser based photoshop editor similar to pixlr, but it has some ANimated tempalte, and ready made effects which we can apply on pics on a go.


Unfortunately Udemy does not provide subtitles or closed captioning for the videos.


Very comprehensive, but there are free high quality alternatives to Udemy for gaining workplace skills and professional development. Ireland's offers all of its courses completely free of charge and works with experts like Russell Stannard (formerly of Warwick University) and the Microsoft Digital Literacy suite. Would be nice to see courses compared here of the value of Udemy's paid courses versus the free offerings that exist.


Yes, I've taken a few marketing and "How To eBay" courses - so far, I've been happy with my experience. It seems like Udemy reviews the courses before allowing them on the site.

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