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Poll: How much Web design do you do?

Some programmers do very little or no design work these days. Take this poll to let us know how much Web design work you're doing.

The articles published in TechRepublic's new Web Master blog remind me of how much things have changed over the years. When I first got into Web work, the entire website was handled by a webmaster who did the HTML, backend programming, client-side development, and SEO (it wasn't called that then). That employee probably even managed the Web server application, if not the entire machine. Now, everyone has a pretty specialized role in most organizations. Even though I still do a fair amount of design work, I'm doing less and less of it. I know a lot of other programmers who do very little or no design, while some folks are still doing all of it. What about you?



Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.


for a small company - I am the sole Web Designer/Programmer too. Web Design is no biggie, but I'm learning the Web app programming on the fly.

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Maybe you could apply your skills to the newly horrendous posting format.


There's a few "features" I can see enticing the web master into this updated format. For example as soon as I post this it will show up here in line, and the background will briefly be green then fade to the shade of blue-gray the 'current' text has as background. Wow. But as for usability... the old forum was much more comprehensive. I still don't see how to identify new posts since my last visit. There is no distinction even between visited and non-visited links. I second the motion; nominate Justin James to revamp the forum with an eye toward better usability. =D

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There definitely is a trend toward specialization, more so the larger the organization. People I know that started out doing 'it all' now do very narrow and specific tasks exclusively; front end design, MS SQL, manage and coordinate customer inputs, etc.

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That's pretty much it.

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You don't include "I do not produce Web apps" which applies to my work. Consequently I was unable to take part in the poll. However, I do a significant part of the design for the (non-web) applications that I do write.

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Given the angle Justin writes about, the options should have been for how much of your design work is for web applications. Although I noted that this was originally published in the TR webmaster blog, which makes the poll options make more sense. All of my design work is for web apps Some of... Etc...

Justin James
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The last sentence is the "I know a lot of other programmers who do very little or no design, while some folks are still doing all of it." The poll is aimed at developers, not designers. J.Ja


And no one is obligated to respond to all of them. If your option was included, the results would be meaningless. There are far more people who don't produce web apps than those who do. What's the point in results that show 90% of respondents don't do web apps? If none of the answers apply, don't answer.