Web design inspiration: Great photography websites

Ryan Boudreaux shares his favorite photography websites -- sure to provide inspiration for web designers and other photographers.

Looking for some web design inspiration? Take a gander at these amazing photographer and photography web sites that just make me scream, "These are amazing!" Listed in alphabetical order are thirty photography web sites that grab my attention for their web design, gallery implementation, artistic license, creativity, and use of the photographic medium.

See the full list below or browse the gallery , which includes some stunning examples of the photography to be found on these sites.

  1. Alan Grant -
  2. Alexandra Hager -
  3. Andrew F -
  4. Bert Stephani -
  5. Bottle Bell Photography -
  6. Brent Stirton - Photojournalist -
  7. Brett Harkness -
  8. Cat Eye Photography -
  9. Chris Phelps -
  10. Christopher Edward Bower -
  11. Corey Arnold -
  12. Daniel Kennedy -
  13. David Hill -
  14. DiFruscia Photography -
  15. Dimitris Theocharis Photography -
  16. Fredrick Clement -
  17. Isabelle Ribeiro Photography -
  18. J Bennett Fitts -
  19. Jason Bell -
  20. Jeremy Cowart - Photographer -
  21. Les Forrester -
  22. Mike Larson Photographer -
  23. Mike Putnam Landscape Photography -
  24. Oscar Estrada -
  25. Paul Giguere -
  26. Steve McCurry -
  27. Trey Ratcliff -
  28. Twin photographie -
  29. Wide Angled -
  30. Your Beautiful Photography -


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Very nice list. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I know that this article is months old now but I did want to comment on the usage of Adobe Flash. There are a few websites in here that use Flash to present the basic website-- as Developers, we do [b]not[/b] have to do that now. Between HTML, CSS and Javascript Photographer Websites can be built with that same creative touch. I actually like Adobe Flash when it's used in the right situations, such as Multimedia, Videos, Usage of Microphones/Cameras, and for Movies/TV Shows. Just not as a Primary Website. I would love to see a list of recently developed Photographer Websites that utilizes "2012" technologies and concepts. That was just my two-cents. Thanks again for taking the time to compile this list.


From the "no scrolling" school of thought to the "endless page" full of good content, "no Flash" to "no dialup users need visit", these sites cover it all. What they do share is a concise, well defined menu layouts and good sized image display. What I don't like of websites, is the endless first level menu options, and images so small that you wonder what it is of. @Jay Know what you mean about content control; I love to explore. One of these websites had a slideshow that the Next navigation displayed what appeared to be a random image, rather than the next image as I was expecting.

Michael Jay
Michael Jay

30 sites, and that just scratches the surface of how much great photography is out there, thanks Ryan. One thing I do not like about some of these and other sites is how they runaway with slide shows, I prefer to be able to change pictures as I like, and when I like. I find myself not returning to sites that control their content for me, just one opinion of what may be a bad option for site design. One rather simple site with some great photos is Blue Jake, the folks might look it up, takes a minute to figure the navigation, but just plain street photography with a little fun tossed in for extra measure. Edit to add 1x, look that up also, cannot believe some of the shots there, really great photography, caution, some nudes but very well done.


So they look good on the big displays.This is adjustments in the camera itself.

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