10 power tips for molding Windows 7 to your will

You can get a lot more mileage out of Windows 7 if you perform a few tweaks and tap in to some timesaving tricks.

This list of tips was originally compiled for the 10 Things Blog.

Everybody likes a good Windows 7 tip -- something that eliminates an annoyance, streamlines a task, or offers useful customization of a particular feature. This latest roundup of favorite tips from our Microsoft Windows blog ranges from speeding up menus to killing rogue processes to scanning system files and repairing errors.

You can download the tips as a PDF or check out the individual entries that interest you.

  1. Change Stacked Window behavior in the Windows 7 Taskbar

  2. Disable the Sticky and Filter Keys in Windows

  3. Reclaim used hard drive memory with Disk Cleanup

  4. Speed up menus in Windows 7

  5. Manage the autorun process in Windows 7 with SysInternals AutoRuns

  6. Kill rogue processes with taskkill in Microsoft Windows

  7. Ensure services restart upon failure in Windows 7

  8. Scan Windows 7 system files to repair errors

  9. Shrink a hard drive volume in Windows 7

  10. Create a new partition with Windows 7 tool

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Musashi OasisinChaos Nakayama
Musashi OasisinChaos Nakayama

I switched to Mac OS (Macbook Pro or Mac Pro) 5 years ago and never looked back! ... You can still run Windows 7 or 8 or server on Mac OS X by using Virtual Machine software (VMWare or Parallels). It runs like another Window (full screen) on a Mac. Mac OS allows you to have as many windows as you want. Also, Mac OS is cheaper, comes with free backup (Time Machine), no need for AV (but still recommended), built-in data encryption (FileVault), stealth security (Mac OS is actually Unix under the hood) and the list goes on and on ... You still can run all MS Office Apps (MS Office 2011 for Mac) ... Plus the hardware quality is so superior and now only slightly more expensive than a PC/regular laptop ... In the long run you save money as my Mac keeps on truck'n, my Windows laptops are either dead or so slow it's useless! ... So my Question is Why Windows? You're right people don't like change even if superior quality ... I'm simply dumbfounded!

Јовановић Жељко
Јовановић Жељко

If you dont have need for local searching, disable file indexing from comp management console. Runs much faster without it...

D.J. Brewer
D.J. Brewer

Window 8 sucks. I downloaded an app to make its interface like Windows 7.


GodMode is an internal Win7 utility. To set up a GodMode icon, Google GodMode and find an article that talks about it and tells you how to set it up. I find it invaluable and use it all the time.

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin moderator

What tip or trick have you found that makes Windows 7 better? Do you have one to share with your peers that will make their day?


@D.J. Brewer You must first upgrade to 8.1 and learn a bit the tips and tricks. Just a lay man sits in a modern electronic machine thinks the same. Spare some time then you will see the turbo charger on . All the best.


I've had it for years. It's just a folder full of useful tools from Control Panel and other places. There are around 250 of them in Vista - possibly more in Windows 7 if they've added any new ones.

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