Have you checked your Windows Vista disk lately?

Has your computer recently been shut down improperly? Does it seem sluggish? If so, you may benefit from performing a disk check to check the integrity and fix any bad sectors of your hard drive. Steven S. Warren shows you how to perform this task inside Windows Vista.

Do you need to check your clip_image002in Windows Vista? If so, the check disk utility checks your disks for integrity and bad sectors and can recover information.

In order to check a disk in Windows Vista, right-click on the disk in question and choose Properties, as shown in Figure A and Figure B.


Figure A


Figure B

On the Properties page, click the Tools tab and click Check Now (Figure C).


Figure C

Check the Automatically Fix File System Errors and Scan For And Attempt Recovery Of Bad Sectors checkboxes, as shown in Figure D, and click Start.


Figure D You cannot check the disk while it is in use. You can perform a disk check the next time you restart your computer, as shown in Figure E, by choosing Schedule Disk Check.


Figure E

Upon restart, the chosen disk is checked for errors and repaired if needed, as shown in Figure F.


Figure F

General Chat
General Chat

Or just open up a command prompt admin priv and run chkdsk . If you run it on the system disk without the /f it will perform a chkdsk and if you see errors then rerun it with the /f for it to be done at boot.


I tried your way of getting scandisk to check my disk, but it did not work. Actually had to press F8 on restart (third restart after trying it your way) and go to the startup menu for Windows Vista. Upon selecting recovery tools, I chose disk recovery which allowed scandisk to work properly. This was attempted three different times, doing it your way, but failed to work. So, if you get frustrated with the WIN XP method of scandisk, try pressing F8 and going that direction.

Steven Warren
Steven Warren

and it worked like a charm. What is your error message? What exactly is not working. Best, Steven

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