How do I password protect my screen saver in Windows Vista

If you work in an office setting where prying eyes would love to see the information on your screen, you might want to take advantage of password protecting your screen saver. To perform these steps do the following:

Right-click on the Desktop of Windows Vista and choose Personalize (Figure A).

Figure A.

Next, choose Screen Saver (Figure B).

Figure B.

On the Screen Saver Settings page, tick the On resume, display logon screen checkbox (Figure C).

Figure C.

What do you do when the steps above don't work? I have set the screen saver to do this in MULTIPLE profiles, and NONE of them are password protected with VISTA Business yet this process worked fabulously with XP Pro. It is VERY necessary that my workstation be password protected and I don't want to have to completely log off every time I walk away from my desk. Suggestions?


Right click desktop, personalize Screen saver Check, on resume display log on screen Does that work in business?

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